Initial Coin Offerings

Blockchain ecosystem with single point of entry and AI assistant.

FINOM is a blockchain holding company building a full-service ecosystem from mining to trading and is planning to incorporate AI into their offering down the road. Around the time of the token offering acquired TabTrader, a mobile app frequently recommended by CoinSheet users, and a couple other holdings described herein.

Unlike traditional ICO’s, which are indented to bring valuable services and protocols to the cryptoeconomy, the FINOM ICO looks like an attempt to simply create a company—which would have meant a VC round with investors under previous market paradigms.

Blockchain-based infrastructure for the Adult industry.

If you thought SexLikeReal was cool you’ll definitely get a rise from this. District0x is collaborating with SpankChain, an adult industry initiative, to reimagine payments for porn using Ethereum to create a token called SPANK and a new district aptly named The Red Light District. That’s like sex to my ears! Wait, that didn’t come out right…