Roam Coliving Discount

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TL;DR Scroll down for $100 towards your first stay at Roam, as seen on SFist.

By now most are familiar with the concept of coworking. But what about coliving? For the uninitiated, let’s start with a definition lifted from Urban Dictionary just now:

Shared housing designed to support a purpose-driven life. A modern, urban lifestyle that values openness, sharing, and collaboration.

_No dad, it's not a hippie commune. It's coliving. It's kinda like coworking, but in a house. Get it??_

For a more business-minded view of coliving, check out Adam Neumann’s $16 Billion Neo-Utopian Play To Turn WeWork Into WeWorld in Fast Company.

Neumann isn’t the only one with a utopian vision of the future. One such coliving space, aptly named Roam, just opened doors in San Francisco last week. As Kate Huentelman of Roam International Co. stated in a September email:

Like everything in San Francisco, it’s going to be expensive.

And Kate wasn’t lying. Priced at $4,500/month or $1,200/week, those wishing to, as Kate suggests, “experiment with one of the most unique properties in the city” are going to pay a premium to do so.

But if you’re looking to roam in SF without paying full price, Hack Cabin has you covered. Simply apply to Roam with referral code HackCabinVIP and enjoy $100 off your first stay.