Freelance Invoicing the Smart Way

Still wasting time sending your own invoices? Did you know you can have someone else do it for you and not spend a dime? For real. Get paid faster with invoice automation.

Instead of spending valuable time fiddling with software services such as Harvest, FreshBooks or Bonsai, or thinking you’ve got it made with Payoneer then you need to put AND CO to the test, and find order in administrative chaos.

Here’s what you get, all bundled into one simple app:

  • Human assistants. You’ll be assigned a person, or persons, called Chief Operators (COs), to help manage your back-office and keep you focused on your work.

  • Simplified invoicing. Creates invoices for you, tracks payments and reminds the clients if they’re late. Accept payments from Credit Cards, ACH bank transfers and PayPal. Receive invoicing reminders. No extra fees!

  • Accept payments. Personal Pay Me Page. One simple page to accept payments. Either invoice through the app or just share your Pay Me page with your clients. Accept all major credit cards, PayPal and ACH transfers.

  • Expense tracking. Forward digital receipts or simply take photos of your receipts and forward them by email. Your CO will categorize them so you can claim all deductions at tax time.

  • Time tracking. Track every second of project time using the built-in timer. You can still edit to catch up later if you missed something. There’s an app for both phone and desktop.

  • Statements for tax time. Know when it’s time to pay your quarterly taxes and get help with your day-to-day tax questions.

  • Detailed, simple income statements. Simplify tax time with a clean, detailed income statement.

  • Contracts. AND CO has partnered with the Freelancers Union to create an advanced contract that builds secure, mututal fair relationships. And guess what? They also built a bunch of smart technology around it.

Getting started is free. Upgrade and receive 20% off during your first 12 months. Less hassle, more hustle.