Hack Cabin

Cowork Bali

After leaving my six-figure job in the States and becoming a digital nomad in Bali I found myself looking for the best spots to plug-in and get to work. What follows is a list of places I’ve found best suited to remote working, and worth checking out during your next trip to the Island of the Gods. The list is categorized into several sections, including: Traditional coworking Coworking cafés Coliving spaces Choose a section to read more, or simply scroll down and start from the top.

Becoming a Better Freelancer

Shortly after leaving a six-figure job to gain my independence I found myself scrambling for work. I wasn’t sure who my ideal clients were, and that lead me learn a few hard lessons early on. In this post I will explain the mistakes made and the lessons I learned as a result. I will then share a book I’m reading, and how it can help you avoid my mistakes to become a better freelancer.

Engineering by Sound

A friend of mine recently suggested I post a list of music I felt was well-suited for programming. It wasn’t until today I decided to take her advice publish the list. Prompted by today’s post on AVC , please enjoy 58 songs I compiled (get it?) to get in the zone while churning out code in 2016.

Turn the tables — How to Attract Beautiful Women on OKCupid

A friend once told me dating is a numbers game. Like myself, he was divorced. And we had both signed up for dating services several years ago. We took different approaches to dating. My friend took a more conventional approach and joined a paid service, whereas I started using OKCupid . Over the last few years I’ve used OKC to read hundreds-upon-hundreds of online dating profiles, surrendered dozens of hours chatting and seized the opportunity to go on some thrilling dates (and some chilling ones too).

Landing Affiliate Marketing Partners

In The Road Ahead I explain why I created Hack Cabin. And even though Hack Cabin has a bleeding-edge architecture, some initial challenges have arisen while starting to monetize it as a new blog: Gaining organic traffic requires an inbound linking strategy. Affiliate marketing partners are leery about working with new publishers. Let’s briefly discuss each of these challenges and how to deal with them. At the end I’ll summarize what this all means to new publishers trying to land affiliate marketing partners early in a website’s life.